Spiders and glitter

Two of my most unfavorite, loathed things.

But these little feetsies belong to one of my favorites!


Five whole months

I still can’t get over the fact that James has been with us five months. It seems like he has always been part of our family.

Precious little man.
Seriously! Who can resist those dimples?
It has been one of the best things of my life to be his momma.
At five months, James is off the charts on height (28.25″) and nearly off the charts on weight (18.8 lbs – I weighed him 3 times to be sure). One of my prayers for him has been that God would use him in big ways, that he would be a man among men and that he would bring Light to the dark. I didn’t expect that he would be a giant among men. Ha ha – see what I did there? No? Ok. Maybe it was just funny in my head.

Peanut butter power ‘stache

“You have the most adorable little Chex Mix beard…”
” – and peanut butter mustache!”


The weather on Sunday was absolutely out of this world amazing. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Last week was rough. It started last Sunday with a bad fall and massive black eye for Ellie, then she got a fever and sinus infection, James and I got a nasty cold virus that we’re still trying to get rid of, Ellie threw some of her most terrible tantrums and was sent to time-out more times than I count, James stopped napping because he couldn’t breathe through congestion and Ellie finished the day yesterday with a trip to the ER with nursemaid’s elbow. Enough!

On top of everything else it rained for a good portion of the week, so even had we been healthy we still would have been stuck inside. But y’all. In the weirdest way I’m thankful for those difficult days because God used them for his glory and we are reminded of his faithfulness and renewed by his perfect provision. In hindsight we are more appreciative of those times, of course, because in the moment we are boohoo-ing our little eyes out (and by “we” I mostly mean me and the toddler).

We were incredibly thankful to see the sun and to be able to spend some much needed time outside! It was unbelievably beautiful. We packed our picnic basket that Uncle Duck and Aunt Jelly gave us for Christmas and ate on the deck.





It was perfect.

iPhone Photo Dump

It was an amazing 77 degrees outside this morning. The wind picked up while I was watering various flower beds and potted plants and cooled the air down even more. It was glorious. I wish every day in July was like this. But I’m rooted in reality – this is Texas. It’s not going to happen everyday in July.

It’s no secret that I love flowers. I love the details. The details shout of God’s glory and love to me and it’s hard not to take a million pictures. My phone’s photo library is probably 85% flowers. I can’t help it. They’re beautimous.

These lilies aren’t actually growing in our yard. They were part of my birthday bouquet of flowers that had white lilies, white roses and two big, beautiful blue hydrangeas. It was gorgeous. Everything else has cratered, but the lilies are still holding strong for now.

I love this stuff. In fact, I love Lantana so much I have it in three colors. Pink lemonade, yellow, and the orange/red blend below!

Another favorite that comes in a lot of varieties is ice plant. I love the texture of the plants in the next three photos. This orange bloom is a particularly vibrant shade of orangesicle. I don’t know how the color was lost in translation, but you can just imagine it.

My first baby. He is a sweet thing, though completely and utterly spoiled rotten. But that face! How could anyone refuse that face? He smiles in his sleep and when he’s awake he winks at me with green eyes that are as big as saucers. I challenge anyone to refuse his charm. He is adorkable.

Our (unborn) firstborn is beginning to make their mark in the world (or at least on my body). I was rather startled to look down during my workout yesterday and realize that hey, there’s a baby bump there. When did that show up?

B-Dubs then proceeded to squirm and dance all afternoon. Homeboy (or girl) likes to have dance parties that turn into marathons. That’s exciting, but I hope (s)he learns to sleep a lot once they make their appearance. I’m hopeful, but not ignorant of the fact that I was a night owl from birth and my husband refused to sleep or take naps when he was a baby. Still (fingers crossed).

I was telling a stranger in a store last week that I hoped stubborn/bull-headed/obstinacy wasn’t an inherited trait, or that maybe even two really stubborn parents would produce an acquiescent, pleasant, mild-mannered child. Do you know what she did?

She laughed.

And laughed and laughed. And then said, “Oh honey, you’re in trouble.”

Over the last week or so God has been leading me to a lot of resources that talk about grace. I have unreasonable expectations for myself. I can be unforgivably demanding and kind of a task-master when it comes to getting my to-do lists finished. It was just recently that I realized this about myself, but our prayer over the last few months has been that God would prepare and equip us to be good parents. I’m guessing that this revelation and the new sources of reading God has been providing are in answer to those prayers. Things are probably going to get ugly before they get better. Maybe I’m wrong. But I’m kind of stubborn, remember? And sometimes messy is the best way a stubborn person learns. Hopefully grace is an easy lesson.

Photo Dump


It’s been a long while. Here are some photos from my phone to catch you up to date, Internet. (As if Google and Facebook aren’t already tracking everything going on in the life of oh,¬†everyone. But that’s neither here nor there.)

Guess who’s coming in December?? Baby W! We couldn’t be more excited to welcome this bb into the world (especially since 1st trimester has passed and 2nd trimester has proved to be smooth sailing so far)! Our little alien is cute, no? Ha, just kidding – B-Dubs (Baby W) is no longer looking like an alien. At this point his/her body should almost be in correct proportion to their head. Our little jelly bean is now the size of an apple!

Husband and I read through the Bible last year and finished at the end of May. He’s read through it several times before, and I had read a good majority of Scripture, but never through the whole thing with a reading plan. We’ve just started a new one year plan that goes through the Bible in chronological order. I’m excited to read it from this point of view!

Finally got to catch up with Michi last weekend at a friend’s wedding! So good to see her and catch up with her parents as well as my former high school pastor and his wife. We didn’t know too many people at the wedding so it was good that we ran into those couples!

The gorgeous bride from above -mentioned wedding. She was seriously one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen. She and her fiance were in town a few weeks before their wedding and we were so happy to have them stay with us for a couple of nights! Such a fantastic couple.

My Pawpaw B is a WWII vet. I couldn’t pass up the chance to snap up a picture of his home state at the WWII Memorial in D.C. I also snagged a picture of the West Virginia one to honor my maternal grandfather, Papa C. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet him as he passed before I was born, but I wanted to be sure to get a photo of it for my mum. Also unfortunately, that picture didn’t really turn out. If you’re headed to D.C. and plan on checking out the National Mall, there is a really great iPhone app that has a map and lots of information available. You can find out more about it here. Also, if you do go to D.C., will you snap a picture of the W. Va. pillar and send it to me? I’d be forever grateful.

This guy! Little brother graduated with honors from college last month. Technically he finished in December, but his ceremony wasn’t until May. I honestly don’t know if it’s a B.S. or a B.A., but he studied architecture and is now interning so that he can get his ¬†license and be all official and such. Love him!

Daylilies. They’re some of my favorite flowers.

Grandma B’s tiger lilies. Love these too!

I saved this picture for last. It makes me cry. My Grandmother C went to be with Jesus in April. She was well-loved and is definitely missed. I’m sorry that Husband didn’t get the chance to meet her because she was sassy, spirited and all-together wonderful. I think he would have appreciated her considering that I seem to have inherited some of her spunk!

Wildflower Center


Mike’s parents are in town for Easter weekend and we decided that it was a perfect opportunity to go out to the wildflower center south of the city. SUCH a good idea! We saw some beautiful flowers and I’m even more impressed with how well the 4S takes photos. I think it works better than any digital camera I’ve ever owned (obviously, the specs are far superior to any camera I’ve owned, but it’s a phone for goodness’ sake!).