New music for you!

Recently we’ve been listening to NEEDTOBREATHE. I heard them during KGSR’s live lunch hour set and really enjoyed the songs I heard. So much so, that I actually bought their CD on itunes. I hardly ever buy music – Pandora is my bff. But let me tell you something about this band’s album Reckoning:

It is amazing.

I love it the way I love Mumford and Sons’ first album. I listened to Mumford and Sons relentlessly for months, if not an entire year. But what I realized while on a mini road trip is that the two bands have a lot in common lyrically speaking. They’re not overtly Christian, nor do they claim to be “Christian rock” bands, but their message is truth. Their lyrics are allegories, metaphors and parables. The songs are stories –  meaningful, thought provoking and they stay with you when you turn the music off. You have to think about them, you want to think about them. And when you do, you start to see how brilliant they are.

Both bands also have so many good songs that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Ninety-five percent of the cd is my favorite. I can think of only one  or maybe two songs on each album that I’m not particularly fond of. But they’re still good.

Here are two songs from NEEDTOBREATHE’s album Reckoning that I’m really enjoying right now.

And this one:


Take my notions and words to heart 
This is the cry of a man 
I can’t bring you fortune or noble life 
But I’ll love you all I can 

Oh I know this song won’t do 
Enough to prove my love to you 
In my heart you’ll always know 
There is a place only love can go 
There is a place only you can go


Relevant lyrics.

Heard this song this morning while I was getting ready and I thought it was applicable.

Carryin’ a millstone malaise
It’s been pulling down your gaze
You pound the pavement
It don’t give or care
This weight ain’t yours to bear

Why you holdin’ grudges in old jars?
Why you wanna show off all your scars?
What’s it gonna take to lay a few burdens down?
It’s a beautiful sound

When they all fall
Like a million raindrops
Falling from a blue sky
Kissing your cares goodbye
They all fall
Like a million pieces
A ticker tape parade high
And now you’re free to fly

When that muffled sigh
Says you’re barely getting by
Cut your burdens loose and just simplify

This is not your floor
You’re going higher than before
Drop the weight now
Wait for the lookout guide
Look outside

As they all fall
Like a million raindrops
Falling from a blue sky
Kissing your cares goodbye
They all fall
Like a million pieces
A ticker tape parade high
Now you’re free to fly

You’ve gotta lay that burden down
You’re gonna lay that burden down
It’s time to leave your burdens in a pyre
Set a bonfire

‘Cause when you lay your burdens down
When you lay your burdens down
When you drop them burdens
What a free-fall
What a thrill
Bury them all
In a landfill

“Million Pieces” by the Newsboys.
(Side note: I saw them in concert when I was in junior high [I think] in Austin, perhaps. It’s a fuzzy memory, but it was on the greatest retreat trip ever. It was styled after MTV’s Road Rules. The church I went with rented three or four 15-passenger vans and we did a four or five day trip of several cities in Texas. We got a clue at the beginning of each day to figure out where we were going. I think we traveled from Houston to San Antonio [picture scavenger hunt across the city with funky things to do/find (ex: human pyramid/handstands in front of Alamo)], then to Austin [each van was given a bag full of costumes and told to dress as funky as possible, then we pulled up in front of this massive church for the Newsboys concert where everyone looked normal except for us], then we went to Dallas [spent the day at Six Flags], and then back to Houston. SO. MUCH. FUN. We stayed at a church facility in each city. One of them had a skate rental so we all got skates and spent the night circling around the basketball gym. Good memory… long sidenote.)