Following Up…

Only a month after the baby shower took place, but better late than never is just how I roll.

But here is the deal about this baby shower: it never happened. At least not at my house. I’ve never been so well prepared for a party (look at the setup photos taken 24 hours before the shindig!), so, of course, who came down with a nasty, nasty stomach bug the night before? Yours truly.

And I told the other hostesses that we could still have the shower at my house and I would just disappear and never be seen. But one of them was like, “but what about your germs?” And I said, “fair enough. I’ll direct Mike on what to pack and you girls can take this show on the road.”

And so they did. From what I hear it was lovely. I’m so sad I missed it because I missed the shower for my dear friend’s first baby because I was out of town.

Anyway. The cabbages and the raffia carrots. They worked out to be adorable together and I transitioned them into my Easter decorations because it seemed appropriate.

Pinterest (of course) is a great resource for getting ideas and finding free printables. I was going to chop up a big book of Beatrix Potter stories for pictures, but there are a few people in my life who were strongly opposed to that idea! Thankfully it’s possible to find the same pictures through a Google image search and they printed out pretty nicely on our printer at home!


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