Paper airplanes

Every now and then I toy with the idea of starting an etsy shop for paper crafts. The trouble is that my kids are at such an age that there isn’t a whole lot of free time to get things done! Thankfully rest time for each of them tends to overlap by at least an hour, but that hour is usually already devoted to laundry, dinner prep, a long list of house chores or a nap for me! Don’t get me wrong, I make plenty of time to do crafty things – I need that creative outlet to stay sane!

Speaking of crafty… Any idea where a gal can get a pallet for free? Husband says grocery stores don’t let you just take them any more and I think that is the only place I’ve ever really seen them!

And speaking of paper crafts, I’m more than a little sad that these paper decorations in the nursery are starting to get droopy! There was a lot of time that went in to crafting these, but I know in the long run they won’t stay up in the nursery forever. And when J moves to a big boy room he may decide he doesn’t like airplanes! 




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