Oh my…

Things you don’t want to see when you poke your head out of the shower:

Your precious, most beautiful two year old daughter sitting on the floor of the bathroom, on top of your underwear from yesterday, trying to pull said dirty underwear out from under her and on to her feet.

“Ellie, sweet pea, leave Mama’s underwear alone, please.”

No response.

“Eleanor. Please, stop what you’re doing.”

Struggles harder. Then gives up.

“Thank you for listening to me.”

Congratulate yourself for having a two year old who obeys you. Some of the time. Once in a while. Once a week?

Listen as two year old starts throwing your discarded clothes around the bathroom. At least she’s not trying to put your underwear on anymore.

Continue the last few minutes of your shower in peace. Get out, dry off and then be greeted by your precious, lovely two year old daughter who is wearing your underwear around her neck like a necklace.

Can’t win them all!


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