A business worth promoting

A friend posted this video to Facebook this morning and I am so grateful that she did! So I’m sharing the link posthaste because businesses like this need promoting. I haven’t checked out her etsy shop yet, but I’m eager to look at the dolls!

It’s hard to get excited about buying dolls for Ellie when they are so hypersexualized and trashy looking. I bought a water baby for Ellie’s birthday and had to undress it in the box because I didn’t want to give her a doll that was wearing a hot pink leopard print bathing suit with lots of flashy necklaces printed on it. I mean, for the love! It’s supposed to be like a newborn baby and it has more flashy stuff on it than I typically wear on any given day (but I have my moments, ok?)

But a doll that resembles a real girl? Sign me up!

I deleted Facebook from my phone a few weeks ago because the addiction to checking Facebook was real. And then my computer ran out of memory so access has just been limited to my iPad.

It has been liberating. I highly recommend unplugging if you keep finding yourself trolling Facebook just for the sake of checking Facebook for something new. I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Rather, I feel like I’m more engaged with my kids and that has slightly reduced the number of tantrums Ellie has thrown any given day. But maybe only slightly. She’s still two after all!


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