Peanut butter power ‘stache

“You have the most adorable little Chex Mix beard…”
” – and peanut butter mustache!”


The weather on Sunday was absolutely out of this world amazing. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Last week was rough. It started last Sunday with a bad fall and massive black eye for Ellie, then she got a fever and sinus infection, James and I got a nasty cold virus that we’re still trying to get rid of, Ellie threw some of her most terrible tantrums and was sent to time-out more times than I count, James stopped napping because he couldn’t breathe through congestion and Ellie finished the day yesterday with a trip to the ER with nursemaid’s elbow. Enough!

On top of everything else it rained for a good portion of the week, so even had we been healthy we still would have been stuck inside. But y’all. In the weirdest way I’m thankful for those difficult days because God used them for his glory and we are reminded of his faithfulness and renewed by his perfect provision. In hindsight we are more appreciative of those times, of course, because in the moment we are boohoo-ing our little eyes out (and by “we” I mostly mean me and the toddler).

We were incredibly thankful to see the sun and to be able to spend some much needed time outside! It was unbelievably beautiful. We packed our picnic basket that Uncle Duck and Aunt Jelly gave us for Christmas and ate on the deck.





It was perfect.


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