Seriously sweet.

IMG_4950Serious with Sofie


IMG_5156Sweet with a headband Grammy made


Seriously sweet.


My gosh these photos are old* now, but they never grow old. I could look at them every day and not get tired of her cuteness.

*Old as in she doesn’t look like that anymore. Old as in they were taken half of her lifetime ago. Wah.


Except that I have the real thing to look at, laugh with, and snack on those plump little cheeks. Every single day. I never get tired of that either. Because? Well, because that’s my life right now. And while not sleeping a full eight hours or even finding the time to shower every day is kind of a downer, my life is full.

So very, very full. And, y’all? I am blessed. Beyond measure, beyond reason – I am blessed. And I cherish every moment because I know I don’t deserve this sweet girl. It is a gift to be her mother and to teach her and watch her learn and grow. And yeah, sometimes the poopy diapers and the clinginess and the shrieking (did I mention she does a really good impersonation of a velociraptor?) are a little much. I get overwhelmed because I don’t know the answers and I don’t know what my parenting style is but I don’t think I care anymore. Parenting is not a competition. My parenting style is how I’m parenting this child. And maybe I’ll be different with the next one. Not just wiser (ha. ha.), but the second (third? more?) kid will be a different person. And we’ll roll with it and love them just as much but maybe differently if they have different needs. Different love languages.

My point is.

I don’t know a lot about parenting. I’ve only been doing it for six months. But it seems to me that one of the only parenting questions we need to be asking each other is: are you doing your best to raise your kid(s)? Yes? Good for you! Things like: “Are you a baby-wearer? Co-sleeper? Breast-feeding? Organics only, make your food at home kind of mom?” are better left off the table. It’s cool if you do those things – it’s cool if you don’t. My answer to those questions is that it kind of depends on the day. And life is like that, you know? Sometimes I’m on top of things, most days I’m not. Some days I shower, most days I don’t. My point is, I’m consistent in my love for her and in my desire to see God’s will be a priority in her life. And somehow I think that’s more important.


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