Dear Eleanor

Dear Eleanor,

Today you are three months old.


I can hardly believe it. We vaguely remember life before you arrived, but honestly I don’t ever think about it. I don’t mourn the life I used to have because you add such color to life in a way that nothing else possibly could with your sweet smiles and almost-but-not-quite-yet belly laughs, your warm snuggles and dancing legs.


Every day you surprise us with something new. It is so fascinating to watch you learn about the world around you. To be able to teach you and watch you grow is one of the greatest gifts of motherhood.


Not even fifteen minutes ago you rolled from your tummy to your back three times! I was so in shock after you did it the first time that I flipped you back over and grabbed my phone to take a video in case you did it again. You did, right after you spit up all over your play mat, but I cleaned you and the mat off first and then we tried again.


You continue to coo and smile and win people’s hearts on a daily basis.

IMG_4130I know the time is coming when no one will be able to make you smile like your Daddy, so in the meantime I am eating up every moment I can as your favorite person in the world. You will most definitely be a Daddy’s girl for the rest of your life, but for now you save all your best smiles and cuddles for me and I cherish it.

IMG_3614You light up whenever Daddy gets home from work or picks you up after a nap. But your favorite nap spot is on my shoulder or sprawled across my belly. I used to worry that I was spoiling you or encouraging bad habits by letting you nap with/on me, but then I realized who cares?


It’s not like I’ll have to go to college with you and be your roommate so that you can get to sleep. These moments are precious and they won’t last forever. I’m afraid if I blink I’ll look up and you’ll be three, then thirteen. Blink again and you’re old enough to go to college, then get married and have babies of your own.


These days go by so slowly and yet they’re ganging up on me and will be gone before I know it.


Thank you for tolerating these over the top head bows. It’s the little things.

IMG_4046We love you mostasaurestestest.






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