Two Months

You know what?

In all of the busyness of baby caring and cooing and feeding and laughing and crying (hers and mine) and all of it, I forgot that I had tomato plants in the backyard.

Totally and completely forget. They were absolutely neglected and I have no idea whether my Better Boys every produced anything. The Sweet 100s were producing before Eleanor was born and I thoroughly enjoyed eating some of them, but it wasn’t until my neighbor stopped by today to talk about the fence that the wind had pushed over that I walked outside to the backyard and remembered, “Oh yeah, I have/had a tomato bed going.”

It is going no more.

Those poor neglected plants are withered and dead.

My poor fish tank is neglected too. I’ve made time to clean it a few times, but it’s not getting it’s weekly water maintenance, algae removal and tender loving care.

Can you blame me with all this cuteness going on?





I can’t even blame myself. But one day things will return to normal (hopefully). Or some semblance of normal. As the days and weeks pass, the amount of sleep I manage to get stretches out few more minutes – most nights. Not last night. Eleanor decided to ring in her two month milestone by waking up every hour to hour and a half. It’s hard to have a positive outlook on life when you’re woken up in the middle of your first REM cycle in weeks. But she smiles and coos so sweetly when I walk into her room to see what’s up.

Life is hard for now.

But it is so, so sweet. Our house is a wreck, but our hearts our full.


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