Din din


You know what I just had to do?


I just had to inform husband that instead of having dinner tonight, we’re having peanut butter cookies. It was all I felt like making today (this pregnancy sweet tooth is killing!). It must be terribly difficult to be married to me. Dessert instead of dinner? Disgraceful.


IMG_1912I officially hit 39 weeks last weekend.

Baby girl’s due date is Sunday.

Wait. What?

Baby girl is due in four days. FOUR days. What the WHAT?! It feels like we just discovered we were expecting and like I’ve been pregnant for ages all at the same time.

Her room is completely ready. Her clothes are washed and ready for her to spit up on – I mean wear. My hospital bag is packed. We’re just waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

My life right now consists of waiting on signs of her arrival while talking to her and trying to coax her that this is a good day – ANY day is a good day – for her to come. All in God’s time (is it time yet??).




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