How in the world is it already November?

Did we vote already? (I did)

It seems like it was just August. And now we’re only 6 weeks away from meeting baby girl. (WHAT>!>?!!)

So this happened:

We got a new family vehicle with all the bells and whistles! We love it. It’s not a minivan.

Do you hear me? NOT a minivan.

And this is happening right now:

Love, love, love the cooler weather. I’ve been waiting for this my whole pregnancy. The rest of the city may be freezing (we’re Texans, less than 65 fahrenheit and we’re at risk for hypothermia), but I am blissfully, finally, incandescently happy and cool and not sweating 24/7.

And this: Secession, y’all.

And this guy thought about going against the belly:

He would have lost.

And this happened last night when husband got home from work. I met him at the door and said, “Trade me!” He didn’t bat an eye, just handed me his briefcase and coffee mug and figured out how to put it on and take it off. And he was adorable in it. I mean handsome. And so manly. Can’t wait for him to carry baby girl around in it.

And I finally took some pictures of the finished nursery! Coming up next.




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