A Sneak Peek

I still need to take some pictures of the nursery this weekend once we finish assembling the dresser.

Until then, have a little sneak peek at some pictures of baby girl from our 4D ultrasound (completelytotally worth it, btw).

Thumb in the eye.

A little smile for the camera!

Her nose is smushed against my side, but even still, I think she looks like husband.

She has been moving A LOT the last few days. I was hoping that meant that she would be in a good position for the ultrasound today, but in what has become typical baby girl behavior she kept her face turned towards my back for 90% of our ultrasound appointment. At first, the only times she would turn her face outward she would also pull her arms and a leg in front of her face as well. A lot like this:

“No cameras, please.” Or: “Talk to the hand!”

After much belly thumbing and peer pressure she eventually turned, yawned, gave us a smile, sucked on her fingers and showed us her plump little cheeks. She also already has a few fat rolls on her arms. I don’t know where she gets that from. It definitely isn’t me. My parents never called me “Thunder Thighs” when I was baby. Never.

My personal favorite moment of the appointment was when the technician gasped, looked at me and asked, “Have you had any heartburn?”

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I certainly have. I told her that I had been on a prescription for heartburn for a couple of months.

Y’all. Baby girl has HAIR. Lots and lots of hair. She will not be bald when she makes her debut.


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