Oh my GOSH

I can’t stand it.

I really can’t.

Baby girl is coming so soon and yet she’s still so far away.

I washed some baby clothes (early, I know, but only the 0-3 month ones), and when I put this one on a hanger my heart stopped. And then I giggled (yeah, I know) and couldn’t stop smiling and dying inside and oh my GOSH I can’t wait to put her in this outfit to bring her home from the hospital.

It’s just too much to handle.

After having headaches every day for a week without fail (except Tuesday, which was perfect because we had dinner guests), I was hoping that the spell would be broken and the headaches would stop. But not yet. Not quite yet. But I have a prescription now, which I still haven’t taken because side effects will make me feel like a drunken sailer, so I feel better armed against the onslaught. But I’m loving Benadryl lately. Husband is too. Apparently I snore less when I can breathe – go figure.


28 weeks. Apparently we need to scrape off the old paint and add some new to our shed.

That picture was from Sunday. A beautiful day outside. Already I feel like the belly has grown. Also, on Sunday I could kind of see my toes still (I think I leaned back a little for this picture):

but, this picture is from today:

and my toes are definitely out of sight now.


Oh well. It means baby girl is growing well and that we’re both healthy. She’s supposed to put on anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 pound each week from now until delivery.

Half a pound.

A week.

I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around that one since I read it the other day.

These were two of my favorite books when I was a little girl. When The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear came in the mail earlier this week I read it twice. Once quietly to myself just to re-live it. Once out loud for baby girl’s sake. And then I talked husband into reading it out loud so that she could hear his voice, too. I’m certain she was listening as she was kicking me the entire time. And Grandfather Twilight. Baby girl’s library would not be complete without that one. I loved the pictures in that one as a little girl. I hope she loves them too.

What were your favorite books when you were a child?



One thought on “Oh my GOSH

  1. raspberryrhymes says:

    Congratulations on your little bundle of joy that’s coming soon! I love how you also gave us a view of your little one from your perspective. Very creative! When I was a child, I loved “Goodnight Moon” by…Margaret Wise Brown

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