200th Post?! / Anniversary Dinner Date

Two hundredth post?! I wish I had something to give away, but alas, I’ve got nothing but my love for you.

And, actually, as I think about it, that’s really not as exciting of an achievement since I started blogging in 2007 or 2008; I average less than 20 posts a year if you look at it like that. womp womp. BUT, I did take a a couple of long hiatuses from blogging a few times (read: I forgot I even had a blog).

Consistency is apparently not my strong suit. But here is a blog post about our anniversary dinner date that we went on two weeks ago.

And because I know you’re not sick of me pushing Mumford and Sons on you yet, I’m just going to share this link on NPR and this link on youtube with you so that you too can marvel at the talent in that room.


There is a place in the Lone Star State that imports lasagna from heaven.

Would I lie to you?

Not on purpose.

This lasagna, and everything on their menu, is delightful. Husband and I ordered appetizers, salads, and two entrees.

Then we ate it all and rolled ourselves out to the car like Violet Beauregard.

How could I forget the ravioli with beet filling??

Divine. I’m sad that we have to drive so far to eat there, but it’s worth it.


I’m making another one of these cakes today for no other reason than my mom (Hi, Mummy!) said that she caught up on reading my blog yesterday and she can’t wait to try the cake I was raving about. And I, being the genius that I am (but not really since I’ve been trying to avoid sweets), offered to make the cake today since she and my dad (Hi, Dad!) are coming up tomorrow with some projects they’ve been working on for the nursery.

Have I told you how grateful Husband and I are for my parents’ help with the nursery? They came up one weekend with a small arsenal of tools and helped husband put down laminate wood floors and new base boards and trim. Baby girl’s chest of drawers is the same one my mom shared with her sister when they were little girls. And the glider that I spray painted white last weekend is from my grandmother’s house. This time they’re bringing up the cushions for the glider that my mom re-upholstered, a wall shelf with hanging hooks below that my dad made and the mirror for the chest of drawers that they stripped, sanded, painted and are planning to attach to the chest tomorrow. I don’t like to brag, but my parents are the best. So I will make them whatever kind of cake they want, whenever they want it and as long as someone is not already sleeping in it, they will always have a bed to sleep in at our house.

In other nursery news, after getting estimates from three different contractors over the last week, we scheduled a handyman to do the last finishing things in the nursery! I’ve been waiting for this for weeks. I’m so excited to get everything set up and arranged. The anticipation is almost more than I can handle. So I’m going to go make a cake and not eat the batter or icing.


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