If you were wondering

if you should buy Mumford and Sons new album,

the answer is an unwavering and emphatic yes.

More like a YES (bold, italics and capitals just to re-emphasize the strength of that endorsement).

Mumford and Sons take everything that was perfect and lovely about their first album and re-energizes and re-invents a new level of perfection in Babel.

This new release was much anticipated in our household (probably 95% me, 5% husband – he was excited, but I’m not sure it was as much like Christmas morning for a six year old for him as it was for me).

I’d love to say that my not sleeping well last night was due to anticipation of this album, but it really wasn’t. I was excited, but I would have been more excited to sleep through the night without my hips sliding out of socket repeatedly only to wake bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning ready to allow my ears have a party.


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