Today I had planned to sand the corner in the nursery that husband repaired. Then I planned to spray texture on it so that it could be painted tomorrow and the walls would be that much closer to being finished.

Today I had planned to go to the grocery store.

Today I had planned to vacuum the floors, clean the kitchen, get the guest bedroom and bathroom ready for husband’s sister.

Today I had planned to make a chocolate cake…because the baby needs it, you know?

Today I had planned to make homemade ravioli for dinner.




Today I have done none of that.

This morning I went to women’s bible study at church. I learned how to work the sound/lights/computer system as the technology person for this semester (PCs should just be banned. Macs are so much better all around. Tis true. But I’ll cope). When I left I picked up lunch. Then I ate said lunch sitting on the couch. And then I laid down. And this is where I’ve stayed for the past three hours. Mostly sleeping.


Well, because my body has that feeling you get right before the pig spore hits the big wind spinner and you are sick, sick, sick for days and want nothing more than to breathe and sleep and be oblivious.

So I’m preemptively giving my body the sleep it needs to hopefully bypass the worst of whatever is attacking my system. And in the meantime, I’m going to pretend like the house is perfectly clean and that there’s not a thing in the world I need to worry about other than not getting sick.

And hopefully, at the very least, later this evening I’ll change the sheets on the guest bed so my sister-in-law H can have a clean place to sleep. You know, since the rest of the house probably won’t be clean.


What’s that saying about best made plans?


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