Dear Pinterest,

I’m pretty proud of myself for not being addicted to Pinterest. It wasn’t a concerted effort to stay off of the site when I signed up, but I just kind of forgot about it for the most part. In a way, it does make me sad because what if I’m missing out on all of the great craft ideas of the world?

But then I remember that people have been crafty long before Pinterest came around. And it’s starting to seem like Pinterest is setting up unrealistic expectations for people. Is it even possible to plan a party/event/wedding/nursery/home makeover without getting your ideas from the site and then going overboard and making yourself crazy with trying to one-up all of the people of the world?

Yes. It is. And it’s liberating.

Decorate how you want to decorate, friends. Enjoy your space because it’s your own.

I spent the better part of yesterday feeding my oft neglected crafty side and exploring my creative outlets. My focus, of course, was on decorations for baby girl’s room. She is getting downright forceful with the kicking lately!

Off-topic: we had our 24 week check-up today. We’re to the point of no longer doing an ultrasound every time we go in now (so disappointing!). I was really hoping we would get to see her again today, but she’s so big now that it’s hard to really see much of anything with the ultrasound. And, blessed relief, my doctor called in something for the heartburn/acid reflux that’s been plaguing me. Zantac was a quick fix, but it just didn’t last. Hopefully this new medicine helps and I’ll be able to get this under control before the heartburn (and my scratchy voice!) gets worse.

Back to crafting.

I’m no crafting expert. Many things I try often make their way to the bottom of a tote or the back of a closet (or let’s be real, the middle of a landfill). But having that creative outlet is important, even if what I come up with is crap. I like to think yesterday was a stroke of luck/genius/inspiration from Martha Stewart.

Yesterday I found a paper cutter template for making small paper lanterns (God bless, TJ Maxx. I find the most random and awesome things there). I used some of the paper I had left from making baby girl’s framed paper animals to make these:


I’m thinking about making a mobile out of them. Maybe with a wooden cross-stitch hoop for the frame, but that’s still in question.

Then I started exploring Martha Stewart’s site for paper crafting ideas. I love paper quilling and other paper crafts. And then I saw an idea for this:

A layered paper lantern! It took me a sweet forever because I couldn’t find pre-cut circles or coral colored tissue paper like I had hoped for. But I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! It’s funky and kind of charming. It will more than likely hang in one of the corners of the nursery – right now I’m thinking over the glider chair, but if that proves to be too distracting for baby girl I’ll find another place for it.

I realize browsing Martha Stewart’s craft website is not all the different from looking at Pinterest. There’s just no peer pressure associated with her site unlike all of the millions of people who pinned this idea! and this one! and this one! and you have to try this one! I like guilt-free browsing. =)


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