You guys.

Not only are we having a baby, we’re having a baby girl that is soothed (i.e. stops kicking Mum) by Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers. In fact, she loves my favorite playlist right now as much as I do. We’re easy to please. Give us a good song and we’re happy little clams! If only music cured heartburn and acid reflux so easily.

Baby girl is going to have the coolest room in this house. How cool? I want to live in her room. And, bonus! For the first several weeksmonthsIdon’tknow I’ll get to spend lots of time in there! It’s a good thing I love the way it’s coming together.

Last weekend my parents were in town. Specifically they came to visit with all of my dad’s tools so that we could rip up the old pink carpet (hooray!) and put down laminate wood floors. I love laminate wood floors. And I especially love $0.87 sq/ft laminate wood floors in a nursery because there’s no telling what’s going to get spilled on the floors and oh yeah, $0.87 sq/ft is cheap when we have to replace a few boards. Not if, dear friends, when. Because you know babies are messy, if anything other than cute squishy adorable just want to kiss their cheeks and smell their heads cuddle and stare at them all day long. Goodness. I’m ready to meet our little bundle.

Anyway. Parents and brothers were in town. And we all worked hard. The floors look amazing (thanks again Dad and M!) and mom and I finished painting the dresser/changing table, bought knobs for the drawers, paint for the bookcase and little decorative things for baby girl’s room.

We picked a first name. Did I tell you that? I keep having to backspace because instead of saying “baby girl” I keep typing her name. It’s a secret for a while longer. At least until husband and I have slipped up in front of enough people that everyone knows.

Anyway, I’m in love with her room. Here are some pictures of the details so far.

All the little things. . .

I bought a shelf for the wall that these little glass bottles, elephant, and

this vase will sit on. High, up out of reach from curious little hands.

I need to find a cute little frame for this card. I think it will also sit on the shelf.

Swoon. These. I love these knobs. Because they’re delicate they’re on the top drawer of the dresser only. By the time she can reach them she should be old enough not to hurt them or herself.

These little pretties are on the second and third drawers. Totally durable and delicious for crawling babies. Kidding.

Her first quilt! From SueSue (my mom), the quilting wonder, of course! I love it. If Dubby doesn’t love it, I’m keeping it for me. Just putting that out there.

And look! It was quilted with little hearts all over. It makes me so happy.

Lambie. This is another one of those things that if baby girl doesn’t love I’m keeping it for me.

These guys were must haves from Anthropologie. I still need to order this one.

And this bookcase was used by my brothers and I when we were little. Then it was a cookbook bookcase. And then a quilting book bookcase. And now it’s mustard yellow and ready to be a bookcase for little ones again. Full circle bookcase, no?

We still have a lot of work to do in the nursery. Namely finish patching the walls and trim near the ceiling, painting the repairs, having a new door and doorframe installed, fixing the corner in the closet and installing a set of shelves in the closet.

You’d think we were in a hurry or something.

Well, yes. We are. I know baby girl isn’t coming until December, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to do things that used to be old hat. For instance, when I was sitting on the tile painting the bookcase it took me a few tries to be able to get up. As embarrassing as it was, true story.

Is there a way to focus in Photo booth? I so rarely use that program that I forget how every time I open it. But, the belly. It grows. 23.5 weeks. Closer to 24 really, but who’s counting??


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