It’s official!

We went for our twenty week ultrasound earlier this week. We were referred to a special clinic for this ultrasound so that they could do a full anatomy check. One of our first questions was whether or not we could find out gender. But the tech only said “It’s on my list of things to look at.” And then started measuring and checking anatomy from the head and worked her way down to the feet before she ever tried to look at gender. Talk about anticipation!

The sonogram technician was not amused by us at all, but I thought our questions and guesses about body parts was hilarious.

“Is that the brain?”

“That’s her kidney.”

“Oh. Oops.”


“Are those the four ventricles of the heart?”

“No. Those are the four chambers. There are only two ventricles and (insert anatomy jargon).”

“Ah. Just kidding. I knew that.”


“Aww, look at the face!”

“Well, no, that’s their bottom.”

Just kidding. We did not at any point think her face was her bottom. She has a very cute face, in fact. And a very active body. Homegirl does not sleep. At. All. Ever. Squirmy squirm squirm.


What was that?

Some pronoun slips?

That’s right!!

Baby W is definitely a girl! With a cute button nose. We can’t wait to meet her and hold her and cuddle with her and kiss her sweet face again and again and again. As of earlier this week she was measuring right on target and is perfectly average according to Dr. M – 10 inches long and just over 14 ounces.

Here’s a partial profile. She was moving continuously for the entire sonogram. She rolled back and forth, put her feet up above her body, then stretched out, held her hands by her face, then up above her head, then down by her chest,  rolled over and then did it all again. The worrisome part is that I couldn’t feel any of that. It makes me wonder what she ‘s doing when I can feel her moving. She had a party at brunch after our first appointment. By the time we saw Dr. M for our usual check up she had moved clear to the other side of my uterus. I’m praying that she has a gentle spirit and quiet demeanor, but we’ll take her however God has made her!

Top of her head to the right, face looking up. Mouth is open and hand is by her face.

Head to the right, hand by her forehead. Left leg and spine visible on the left side of the image.

We have a first name picked out that we love. It was the only name (boy or girl) that we’ve agreed on since I started looking at names a few months ago. The goal is to keep it a secret until she’s born, but as we’ve both started calling her by the name it may not be too long before one of us (let’s be real – it will be me) slips up and says it in front of someone. Plus, keeping the name a secret makes it easier to change our minds about the name when we meet her. But I don’t know that we will.


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