Craigslist Nursery Win

We may be just shy of the half-way point of this pregnancy, but I’ve been scouring the Internet for great deals on baby gear for well over a month. Husband and I agree that a lot of things can be bought second hand – there’s really no point in spending a lot of money for something that B-Dubs (Baby Werle) will only use a few times – i.e. toys, clothes, miscellaneous non-necessities, etc. Some of the few things I DO plan to buy new are the carseat and stroller. It seems like safety ratings change frequently, but also for the things we’ll put a lot of wear and tear on it makes sense to buy new.

I had imagined that we would buy a crib new, too, for the same reasons that we’ll probably buy a new car seat and stroller, but when I saw one of the cribs I’ve been looking at – since the beginning of my research phase mind you – on Craigslist the other day, I could hardly pass it up!

Only $100 for a crib that retails for $250? And you want to give us a like-new mattress that retails for $70+? Yes, please!

The women that were selling the crib were so kind and generous. They have twins that are turning three later this month and they were more than willing to part with some of their no longer in-use baby items. In addition to the crib and mattress, we scored mesh baby bumpers, eight bottles in great condition, a bottle drying rack, two three-sectioned snack plates, a snack cup, and a nursing tent. Everything needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, but I’m not complaining. We only paid $115 for all of that (and the $15 was only because that was all I had left in my wallet and I felt bad for just accepting all the stuff they were giving us).

I left their house feeling a little bit like a bandit. My favorite part about the crib is that it converts to a toddler bed, day bed or full size bed. Baby W will be sleeping in this thing until the next baby arrives and we need the crib again!

I’ve been working on ideas for nursery theme. I bought these animals, which were originally part of a garland for party decorations, cut them apart from each other, bought frames and background paper and voila! I love them. They’re so stinking adorable. I had to re-create my own elephant though due to the original elephant being this really awful baby blue color that didn’t match anything. I’d say it’s a perfect match, but I admit to being a bit biased.




I’m trying to figure out how to take the rest of the animals from the garland and turn them into a mobile. I also think if B-Dubs is a boy at least the giraffe if not the elephant too are going to get bow-ties. If B-Dubs is a girl I’m going to have to come up with another idea. Maybe the elephant – or zebra – gets a tutu? But we’ve got time.



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