The Art of Letting Go

Sometimes the best answer is to just let things go. Hearing that from someone, “you just need to let it go,” is mildly annoying and hardly helpful at all. Have they tried to just let something go? More importantly did they succeed? Did they really let it go or do they keep it in a box and wait until no one is looking before they pull it out and obsess over it one last time?

Letting go is one of those easier said than done things in life. Just letting something go is not as easy as just. It’s complicated. It’s terribly difficult. It requires a great deal of discipline and trust. The art of letting go begins with taking captive our thoughts, not running down the rabbit trail fanning the flames of our frustrations, but catching ourselves when we start to have thoughts that harangue on that thing we’re trying to just let go and subsequently surrendering those thoughts to a greater Power.

There are a few things in my life that I believe would be better served if I could just let them go. would be better off if I could just let them go. But the thing about past hurts is that they’re not always just in the past. Those things that may have undone us a month, ten months or six years ago are still fresh with pain. Despite having forgiven someone, I find it hard to forget. I just can’t seem to let it go. So I’m gun-shy about getting too close to those people who have hurt me – whether they were intentional or not, whether they acknowledged that their actions were hurtful and apologized or they tried to gloss over everything and pretend like it never happened. My point is that I need to take responsibility for my actions, reactions and emotions, submit them to the Lord and trust that He will take care of me. There are too many instances to count where God’s provision has been perfect – in timing and in substance. I don’t know why I fear.

It might also be worth pointing out that the sooner we can surrender our hurts the easier it is to let them go. Granted, I have a 1 in 5 (roughly) average of letting things go early. I often justify my hurts and the distance I then put between myself and the offender. Self-preservation is a two-faced bastard. Pardon the language. But knowing and having experienced the provision of the Lord, I’m still fearful about trusting him with things. I forget how gracious and full of mercy he is. I used to question the Israelites forgetfulness while they were in the wilderness. But I am exactly like them. I forget all the time how blessed I am and have been. Shame on me for that. My prayer for myself and you is that you’re able to look back on your life and remember how the Great I AM has provided for you. And that we can walk forward in humility, relying on God to keep us, as we learn to focus on the eternal and just let go of the temporal hurts and hang-ups.


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