Guest Bathroom Makeover

Our guest bathroom was looking pretty dated and well-used and I decided that it was past time we updated and made it a little more guest friendly. So this weekend I buckled down and painted the walls Seattle Gray (Benjamin Moore), primed the cabinets and then painted them with white enamel. I also finally got some shelf liner for the drawers and shelves of the cabinets. The cabinets look 1,000 times better and I love the way the wall color turned out!







I haven’t figured out what to do with the second area of the bathroom (shower and toilet area). I probably have just enough paint left to match the walls and cabinets, but there are several areas on the walls that need some serious attention. Also, the shower curtain definitely doesn’t match the wall color, but truthfully the lighting is so bad in there it may not really matter! I’m excited for our next house guests, whoever you may be. =)


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