Miracle Fish


Apparently I still have a goldfish in the garden pond?

I bought five 3″ goldfish (three solid gold, one silver, and one solid black with a small smudge of orange on its head) the weekend of Mike’s birthday – early March. One died the first day. Three more died over the course of the next two weeks. The only one I never found was the black one because he was damn near invisible in the water.

I planted a few bulb plants when the fish were added, but they never took off. I added some moneywort and other oxygenating underwater plants later on and hoped that they would provide enough cover for the black one to live happily ever after (if he had survived).

The plants took off like weeds from hell. You would think they were being fertilized every day, but I didn’t mess with them. Anyway, cut to last Friday when I turned around to find a large red-ear turtle right behind me near the garden. It scared the bad words right out of me, but after a stare down (and a quick picture) it kept moving and headed for the side fence near the pond. I didn’t really think anything else of it because we were out of town for the weekend and I was catching up on house chores and sleep when we got back Monday.

Yesterday while I was out checking the vegetable garden I kept hearing a rustling near the fence towards the front of the property. Low and behold, Monsieur Tortoise was still in our yard. I propped the side gate open and hoped that he would find his way out.

This morning after I collected vegetables and watered I went looking for the turtle to make sure he was gone. He wasn’t near the fences so I walked by the pond to see if he was cooling off in the water. No sign of him, but a flash of orange caught my eye.

All I can conclude is that the goldfish laid eggs before they died and this one managed to survive. It has an orange body, black lips, and a line of black down the top of its back. It is easily more then six inches long.

And five minutes of Google queries later: mystery solved! Goldfish change color. This IS my all black one. Thank you, Internet, for answering another question.


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