Let me tell you why Amazon is Awesome-sauce

My husband reads a lot of news articles, blogs, and nerdy websites. They’re certainly not all nerdy, but he does love the techie info world and I love him, so I learn new things. He sent me a link to this blog a while back: Warren Ellis

Husband’s Kindle screen had started to stay extremely dark when turned on and there were obnoxious lines across the top of the screen. It was sad. But he got a new one for Christmas and loved it.

Then he read the article above and here I am today, the (almost) proud new owner a a Kindle 3G keyboard (it will be here later this week). I contacted Amazon through their chat feature and was offered a replacement Kindle for $100 off the retail price.

You did not read that wrong.

Amazon is replacing our broken Kindle with a newer one for a fraction of the retail price. Not only that, but they’ve given us a pre-paid return label to ship the broken one back to them. Pretty awesome, no?

Hello, new Kindle. You are so shiny. But you will never replace my beloved, real books.


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