Pictures for Family

Here are a bunch of photos from our backyard showing some of the many changes that have been made. i.e. A new vegetable garden that’s taking off like “Whoa!”

It looks like green grass, but it’s mostly weeds.

On of my (many) tomato plants and two of my pepper plants (serrano and bell pepper, I think).

Dwarf sugar snap peas have sprouted!

A few of the dandelions that I planted towards the end of last year. =) They are so happy and pretty.

I forget what this is called, but it’s supposed to attract butterflies. Angelonia, maybe.

Blue plumbago is one of my favorites. Love it!

My purple striped verbena came back and is thriving!

I forgot to take a picture of the blue salvia that came back, but all of them have come back with vigor and are doing really well. They should be nice and bushy, thick with flowers later in the season. I bought some cathedral salvia last spring (a new form of the plant that has richer blues, longer-lasting, and taller flowers), and they were well worth the investment. I’ve really enjoyed having them. We also have a purple wisteria vine that has started blooming up a storm in the side yard!

 When the weather has been too nasty to be outside gardening, I stay in and work on my latest quilt (when there aren’t chores to be done, of course. 😉 ). This is the quilt that I’m making from my Grandma Cook’s scrap fabric that we brought back from West Virginia. I can’t wait until it’s finished. This afternoon I finished all but three rows of blocks. We’re likely going to have awful weather tomorrow so I hope that I can finish those last three rows and finish assembling the quilt top. After that: borders, batting, backing and a trip to the quilt store to get it quilted!


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