Picture Post

I fought the wall paper. And I won. *Insert: Hallelujah chorus*

There were a lot of tears, cursing, maniacal laughter and not just the wallpaper doing those things. Ok fine, it was all me.

But it’s done. And here is photographic evidence:

Before (please excuse the Halloween decorations and Mike’s arm & shoulder):


The light from the windows in those first three pictures is pretty awful. The walls aren’t quite that dark. The beams and metal work between the living room and kitchen, and the woodwork on the lower half of the kitchen walls were also painted to match the window trim. We didn’t know how banged up and chipped the beams were until they were painted and then we suddenly realized how nice they looked compared to what we were used to walking by every day! The light in this next picture is much better and you definitely get a better feel for what the color is like.


This week I also tackled the built-ins in the living room. Sanding those wasn’t fun, but they definitely look much better with a fresh coat of paint. And I finally put books on the bookcases! And other knick knacks. But I’m happy with it.

Imagine a great big, round mirror or clock hanging above the mantel. I haven’t found anything yet that I’m in love with, but I’m looking. Originally I was thinking about a square mirror or framed-something or other, but my mom suggested using something round to stand out from all of the corners and straight lines in this area. And I think she was on to something! So I’m looking around, we’ll see what we can find.

We have various pictures and pieces of artwork that will eventually go on the walls in the kitchen, but I’m still finding frames and getting pictures printed and put together. All in good time!


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