The Bigger Point

Edit: I had the completely wrong links on here so if you listened to the sermon or read the transcript, sorry. I haven’t heard/read that one yet and have no idea what it’s about. The links are corrected now.

This morning, since it’s the start of a new week and the start of a new month (sort of, close enough) I decided that I wanted to add a workout component to my morning routine. I also realized it’s the perfect way to catch up on the sermons we missed while on honeymoon. I just wanted to tell you that while my workout was great  (thanks for your concern), this sermon I just listened to was amazing.

Here’s the link: Sermon or if you prefer to read sermons, here’s the transcript/sermon notes: transcript. Once you’ve listened to it or read it, how would you answer these questions? I’m still working on them.

Who would I be if I didn’t care what other cave dwellers thought of me?

Who would I be if I didn’t care about the cave?

I leave you with Matt’s closing prayer because I thought it was a challenging close: I pray that we could understand that the world we live in is not the real world. That there’s a spirit world. That when we look at other humans we see souls instead of irises; we see people bearing the image of God – and we treat them that way. I pray that we would be people who live out the songs we sing, “all my soul needs is all Your love that covers me. Without You I’m nothing.” Let that be the desire of our hearts and the expression of our life style.


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