New addition!

This afternoon Michael and I purchased our first pet (probably of many). His name is Remy Martin and he lives in a giant brandy snifter. (FYI, mom: if you leave 5 ginormous bowls at my house one of them will become a fish bowl. How any one can look at a 1 gallon+ brandy snifter and not think “That would make an excellent fish bowl” is beyond me. Just saying.)

Remy Martin, le poisson de Cognac, France

Il est mon petit poisson. Il est magnifique. This picture does him no justice. I just moved into the master bedroom and put him in the vanity area and I believe the final move may have capped him off for the day. He’s been on a big adventure. I hope he recovers soon.

He is just a little slip of a guy. Maybe an inch long? Pretty much the runt at Petsmart, but he should grow to be about 2.5″, pending everything goes well from here on out. Which it will. I hope. Michael says the longest he ever had a fish was a few hours. If this one makes it through the night it will beat his record. It may have already lived longer under the same roof with him than the other fish he owned. I told him this one better live forever. (The “or else” was implied wasn’t it?… I thought so too.)

Here are a few pictures from our honeymoon:

 A little stop for ice cream on a day trip.

 Walking across the pedestrian bridge in Glenwood Springs.

 At Glenwood Cavern Adventure park on the top of a mountain.

 View of the valley below.

 The most insane ride! You are swung out into the canyon over the Colorado River waaay below.

 And then after riding the canyon swing three times, your stomach feels like the above picture.

 We tried on funny hats.

 And made really weird funny faces.

 In the middle of the cave tour you come out on the side of the mountain.

 Inside the mountain on the cave tour.

Our trip up to Independence Pass included a lof of roads like this, but more often than not there were no guard rails. I was too busy hanging on for dear life to take a picture then. I’m sure you can understand.

We had a great trip! But I sure am glad to be home, too. Hopefully the next post will include pictures of the changes to the house. If we can get a working camera again. All of the pictures from our honeymoon were taken on our phones. We both packed cameras, but found out when we got to Colorado, that neither one of them worked anymore. Sad bananas. =( Mike has his eye on a new camera that should be perfect for our Israel trip though. Nobody panic!


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