We’re going to the Chapel

And we’re going to get married!

Since Wednesday is my afternoon off (and this was my last Wednesday afternoon of work until I start searching for a new job after the wedding), I met Mike for a quick lunch at Jason’s and then we drove over to the County Clerk’s office where we got our marriage license. There was virtually no wait. We were completely shocked because we were prepared to wait for a good 45 minutes or so. Hurrah! Did you know that it costs $71 to get married in Travis County? If you’re planning to get married soon, be sure you have your wallet and some CASH. They don’t play around with checks and there’s a surcharge for using plastic. You know, just in case you’re heading to the clerk’s office any time soon.

Y’all, I’m sad that my show is about to be over. I only have 5 episodes left. I could drag it out forever and just not finish, but since it’s on Netflix I just watch them as I can. Sometimes I watch more than one episode a day, most days I don’t watch any. But I’ll miss it. It’s a great drama/action show, forgiving that it’s classified as sci-fi. It’s not really. Just like Firefly isn’t really sci-fi. It’s a western set in space.

I’ll stop defending my nerdiness now and just embrace it.


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