Photo dump

First of all, I’m going to make you admire the cuteness of the most wonderful cat in the world: mine. His name is Bailey. You can’t have him. I love him more than a lot of things in this world. He lives in Houston. This makes me terribly, terribly heart sick. =(

He’s so handsome. Speaking of handsome…I was scrolling through my digital camera just now and ran across this gem:

I didn’t recognize Michael at first because his whiskers are so long in this picture! I’m pretty certain this was taken at his birthday party right before he left to go skiing for a week. I’ll say it: I’m a fan of a little scruff. Actually, truth be told I didn’t recognize myself either because I was scrolling through so fast. Why didn’t someone tell me to get those dang bangs out of my eye? Seriously.

If you’ve been waiting for the color reveal of the front room, wait no longer:

I swear the color looks different in every picture I’ve taken, but here at least you can see that the bookshelves from the living room are now in the “formal living” area of the huge front room. And the first picture in this series is actually outdated now because the bookcases are FULL of books. And look, there’s a real life plant living in the house now. ^_^ I bought that little ivy a few summers ago I think. As long as it continues to thrive I will be quite happy! My dream for this part of the room is to have a comfortable little love seat or something, maybe some wing back chairs, to read and enjoy all the light from the windows. It will take time, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for some spectacular deals. (I’m a bargain hunter, if you didn’t know that. Shopping is not fun unless it’s some sort of fantastic steal of a deal!)

Last weekend we bought a mattress (bed in a box from Costco). This brand, but not actually the topper, it’s an entire mattress, but King…so not really like the box in this picture at all, but close!:

And today Mike picked up our bed frame from IKEA (thanks, Dominic, for helping him!)

Wedding planning is moving right along. There are lots of little things to do that keep coming to mind, but mostly at this point we’re just counting down the days (twelve). I’m not too worried about little hiccoughs. Things happen. It won’t be perfect, but it will be a perfect day for us. And the uh-ohs and oh-nos will just make for great stories down the road!


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