Coupla Things


Did you know that outside of Austin they grow this green stuff in front of homes and it is soft and it is pretty and it makes me itch? It looks like this:

We don’t have ANYTHING like this in Austin anymore. I nearly ran into the curb driving through my parents’ neighborhood this evening because everything is just SO GREEN. You may not know this about me, but I love green. My favorite most comfortablest t-shirt is the perfect shade of green (I’m wearing it now, fyi — it doubles as a sleep shirt and a day shirt, it’s just that wonderful.)


Have you heard about the book Heaven is for Real? (on I bought it with a gift card Broham and Ellsbells gave me for my birthday. It’s a quick read. And I highly recommend it. I laughed. I cried. It gave me Holy-Spirit-goosebumps, as my roommate and I call them. But most importantly through this little boy’s encounter with Jesus and heaven, it has really truly made me think of heaven as a tangible destination. Do you know what I mean?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been looking forward to heaven as my final destination for many years. In some way though, it’s been kind of a “One day when I get to heaven it will be pretty.” But it’s so hard to know and fully grasp that heaven is real and even beyond my wildest imaginings. Maybe I haven’t given it much real thought — it’s always the end of a thought: “I can’t wait until this (particularly difficult class/day/moment/experience/whatever) is over and I get to go to heaven.” But I haven’t spent much time dreaming what heaven will be like. It’s just the end destination after my time on earth, except that it’s not — it’s the beginning. I’m afraid I’m not explaining myself well. But, I think maybe some of the childlike wonder has returned to me. There’s a small stirring in my spirit after I just finished this book and it’s a whisper and a shout at the same time: “I love you. I LOVE YOU.” Lord, grant me the sight to see your creation with childlike wonder. Give me faith like a child and the same lack of inhibitions of a three year old that I would boldly proclaim your kingdom without the sense of self-awareness that makes me afraid to.

I love the way the clouds look in this picture. That’s downtown Austin in the background.


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