A Post A Day

If I posted here everyday I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. A pat on the back for effort, for sure. In the midst of all the wedding planning I would LOVE to find extra time to be blogging everyday. But really it’s kind of boring, frustrating, tedious and fun on some level.

Yesterday we began looking at places to go and stay for our honeymoon. We’ve put this off for a while because we’re waiting to find out if we make it on the Israel trip with our church in November/December. Mike has been before and I would really like to see Israel (plus I’ve heard amazing things from many people). We’ve been the first couple on the waiting list for a few months and I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll make it! Earlier on it seemed like a sure thing since the trip was so far away and surely someone would back out before August. But friends, it is August 1st and a) the trip is no longer that far away, and b) we’re getting married in 41 days! Which means honeymoon in 42 days. Which means we need to pick a destination stat! Speaking of honeymoon, that reminds me that I need to get in the practice of taking more pictures. We’re thinking about going to the mountains, not sure which ones, but I LOVE the mountains and I love taking pictures of them. Maybe I can try to make it a goal to take a picture a day. Someone needs to keep me accountable for that. As much as I hate to say it, that sounds like a beautiful idea in theory, but in practice I may not be very good at remembering. But now that it’s on the internets I have to do it, right?

Umm, right. We’ll see.

I will try though!


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