Oh, hi there!

I’ve been busy. Pre-occupied even. And for the one droid out there who misses trolling my blog, I am extremely sorry there has not been fresh meat or massive amounts of ridiculousness-induced eye-rolling because my attention has been elsewhere. (Try saying ridiculousness-induced eye-rolling three times fast…yeah, I made that up.)

What you should know:

  • I started playing soccer again and I love it! We have a game tonight and hopefully we’ll win this one! When I update again in six months I’ll be sure to let you know how it went.
  • I’m going to learn to jump rope for exercise. It’s boring, but hey! It’s not as boring as running. And bonus: when I’m tired of jumping rope I don’t have to turn around and run back the entire way I’ve just come. Hoo-rah!
  • I think *this* is the happiest I’ve been in my life so far.
  • MKW and I are in a small group together with another friend and some great couples. We’re trying to be intentional about getting involved in a multi-generational community and getting connected as a couple at church. I like that.
  • I crack myself up. Exhibit A:

Excerpts from a chain of emails titled “Mum(‘s the word,) ford!” (my responses only):


It’s a little bit rambling, but a lot a bit funny, and all of it to say that MUMFORD IS COMING BACK TO AUSTIN! April 26. Do we have anything planned then? If so, let’s reschedule and try for some tickets. They go on sale tomorrow. I’m not sure what time yet, but I’ll stay posted on the website throughout the morning and try to get tickets before they all sell out. Wish me luck!

Also, totally unrelated, since elementary school I have apparently COMPLETELY forgotten how to jump rope for more than minute at a time. Somehow I get one foot tangled up and manage to whip myself on the right forearm. “Why only the right forearm?,” you might have asked yourself. Valid question. I haven’t the first clue. But I have several welts now that have lasted the last 20 minutes and show no sign of going away. My technique is apparently abysmal. Off to youtube to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Hope you’re having a blast!

Miss you. =)

And another:

BLAST AND TARNATION! (Substitutions I know — still bad, but…)

Mumford is SOLD OUT. Boohoo!

While I am really excited b/c of the implications of their obvious success (they did just sell out in one day), I’m highly disappointed b/c I love them more than at least two persons out there in the world who bought tickets. And that was very inconsiderate of them not to think of you and me. The only other option is to start looking on craigslist. Maybe some kind soul will sell us a pair of tickets and not rob us blind for them. Doubtful. Oh, wah! Now we’re ticketless and I’m a mean, old soul! (Heh. I’m dramatic when I’m bored, no?)

For the record, the welts from the jump rope were still faintly there when I woke up the next morning!! They should put a warning on that: Jumping rope is an extreme and dangerous sport.


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