Message #12

Um, so I’m lazy and really bad about updating my blog. I still compose blog posts in my head when I’m getting ready for bed to help me think through things with more structure and to wind down after my day. And since I’m great at not updating, I’m copy and pasting (the relevant to you) part of a message I just sent to a friend from London that I’ve kept up with (sparingly) since I left in 2006. And because no one else knows him, I’ve left out the parts where I pester him with a bajillion questions in response to whatever it was he wrote previously. That’s kind of how our correspondence goes: question, question, question? Answer, answer. Question?


I’ve been well. I can’t seem to get away from the clinic work though. I’m working front office (i.e. reception, billing, insurance liaison and an assortment of other things – like giving allergy shots!) for an allergy and asthma clinic. That’s what it’s called actually – Allergy and Asthma Clinic. It’s a one-doctor practice, though we stay fairly busy. Much calmer than the Hale. I like it well enough, but I don’t know that I’ll do it forever. I have no idea what I’ll be doing with my life. But I guess I never really have!

I applied for an internship in December with a publishing firm here in Austin. Unfortunately (and very sadly) I never heard back from them. Nothing. Not even a peep. So I was very surprised last week when I received an email that they were considering me for the fall internship and would I like to interview and can I please re-take the editing test I’d already spent oodles of time on in December – agonizing over every detail, second-guessing my edits and suggestions.

So there’s that. I haven’t sent the test back in yet for a small handful of reasons: 1) I was out of town the latter part of last week and weekend in North Carolina with the boyfriend; 2) I’m using a different operating system (no more Windows Office, I’m on to Linux) and can’t actually re-take the test on my laptop so I’ll have to find time at work; and 3) I’m not positive I should take the position; assuming that they would offer it to me with the crazy hours I’m going to ask them to let me work so that I can keep my current full-time job and still make ends meet while making payments on my student loans (Whew! Run on sentences, sometimes they’re just so effective). I’m just not sure what I’d like to do. I like the people interaction at my work; the “human factor” let’s call it. We have great patients. I’m afraid I would struggle with sitting at a desk all day, staring at a monitor reading and not talking to anyone. It sounds dark whereas right now my life feels like it’s full of light. And I like it like that.


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