Quarter Centenarian

It’s true. I’ve graduated to a new club in life.

Escort in the quarter-life crisis.

And, um, you know, all of those other milestone things. Oh! Like I can rent a car now…because that’s exciting and new.

And, um…yeah.

I had a nice birthday. It was relaxing and low key and everything I love. A small group of people went to Bull Creek to swim. The first swimming hole wasn’t quite what we expected – more like warm bath water and less like a nice refreshing dip in the water. The second place just up the creek that we went to was great. The water was much cooler and sat in the crevices just above the water chutes. After swimming we went to Maudie’s Milagro for dinner. I was amazed that so many people showed up! I think we had 20 people turn up for dinner. And the cake.

Oh the cake. The fat kid’s dream. It was wonderful. So delicious. It was a layered cookie cake: peanut butter cookie w/ peanut butter M&Ms, then peanut butter icing, then another level of the same cookie, then icing, then the last layer of cookie. There’s a little bit of it left and I’m pretty sure it will last us for a few more days. I did take it to work this morning and my co-workers knocked out a good chunk of it.

On a completely different note, I’m ready to move. I officially am ready to pack up this house and move on. Not having central A/C is like hell for me. Hell, I say. Ew.


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