It’s been so long since I’ve logged in to update that I completely forgot my password.

The exercise of trying to remember, giving up and finally admitting to losing the dang thing has completely erased any memory of what I was coming to write anyway.

So, um, improv? How about bullet list?

  • Work is going well. Better than well actually. (Will I get fired for writing about my work? Doubtful. HIPAA and all that will be noticed). Things at work have been great. Whereas before persons may or may not have been out to get me (they were), they’re now helping me implement new policy practices that I hadn’t thought of to make my job easier. This also benefits the clinic, but I feel as though the primary motivation is to take some of the weight off me and distribute it a little more evenly. I am overwhelmed by this. It is such an answer to prayer, y’all have no idea!
  • This is particularly ridiculous.
  • Time seems to be flying by lately. It’s already July for Pete’s sake! Where the heck did summer go?? I’m turning 25 this weekend. Honestly I think I’ve already lost track of my age – if you told me I was turning 29 or 36 I wouldn’t be surprised.
  • I recently read Water for Elephants. It was absolutely phenomenal. I highly recommend it. It’s currently being filmed with Robert Pattinson as the main character.
  • OH! I remembered what I came to say:


Flowers are to me what penguins are to you.

And, I love Mumford and Sons. I just bought their album with an iTunes gift card my roommate gave me for cleaning up cat vomit while she was away on holiday. It was worth it. =)


2 thoughts on “Flora

  1. Mich says:

    Ah, welcome back to the blogging world! It’s good to hear from you. Glad work is going so great! I can’t believe you’re turning 25! That means we will all be 25 very soon, eek! What happened to the 13 year old versions of ourselves?
    Do you think you’ll have a quarter life crisis?
    What are you most looking forward to as a 25 yr old?
    Be sure to make a birthday post!
    Love you!

  2. emkburn says:

    I can’t believe we’ve been friends for so stinkin long! I hope I don’t have a quarter-life crisis. It could be possible though. I think I’m most looking forward to reaching that stage of being a mid-twenty and not a early twenty year old. I’m looking forward to more growth and moving forward. I’m looking forward to discovering new hobbies and picking up old ones (I might try an adult soccer league in Austin!). I will most assuredly try to make a birthday post. But maybe it will be a day late. Ha! Love you too, Michi!

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