I find myself sitting here, wondering, not wandering – though perhaps my mind is – what is it about Target that I love the most. There is something about that store that makes me feel so inexplicably soothed.  Like therapy. Or a good bath.

Perhaps it’s the organization. Target is very organized – enough to meet my OCD tendencies anyways. And the school supplies aisle – it’s just so perfect. The toys section is arranged by brand/tv show/movie/character…it’s just so beautiful. Have you ever been in Forever 21? I can not, CANNOT, stand that place. It makes me absolutely batty. If you find a shirt you like, there’s no guarantee there will be another one like it in the size you need. But if there is one that happens to be your size, it’s probably located across the store behind the manikin in the little niche that no one knows exists. That’s how they roll.

Well, maybe it’s just the organization; I can’t think of anything else that draws me to Target. Great customer service. I can usually find what I’m looking for in stock on the shelves. My only suggestion for improvement would be more green. I love green. In fact, I am currently wearing green scrubs. And other green things. Uh, moving on.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to keep up with a blog. I tend to compose blog posts in my head at night if I’m having a hard time falling asleep. Sometimes it’s a recap of my day or something funny that happened. Other times it’s about how I feel on certain topics. I just pretend that I’m typing out and organizing my thoughts and the next thing I know my alarm is going off the next morning. Maybe it’s because I’m so tired when I do this, but I’m always impressed with how funny and clever I can be. Ok, fine. It’s definitely because I’m so sleepy. If only I started to leave my laptop by my bed in the evenings I would probably post more. Ramblings mostly, no doubt. But I wouldn’t feel quite so bad about abandoning my blog.

Somewhere between all of the World Cup games I watched at work last week and spending so much time on ESPN.com I decided that I really wanted to play soccer again. There are a few adult soccer leagues in Austin that I found through a google search, but I have yet to narrow it down. It appears that the way to get on a team is to create a profile and sell yourself to the team captains. If you get picked, they’ll let you know. I think this was totally organized by the adult who was never picked last for kickball or any other sports team as a kid. Of course they think it’s a great idea – it always went well for them! We’ll see if I continue to think about playing again. My brother Adam, who is now on twitter and loving it (follow him here), has been playing on a team in Calgary. It’s funny to me because he played one season of soccer as a kid and didn’t play again until he was 25 or 26. On the other hand, I played for 10 years in my youth/adolescence and haven’t played since I was a sophomore in high school. I love the game beyond all sports. I think mostly I’m afraid that I won’t be able to play as well – which is a given, considering the fact that I’m ten years older, twelve pounds heavier and seriously out of shape.  C’est la vie!

I’ve picked four teams to cheer for/follow through the World Cup:

1. Argentina
2. England
3. Italy
4. France

And the USA, but I don’t expect us to go far.  And France is too dysfunctional as a team to win. England is not playing their best… so really it’s up to Argentina (no pressure, guys!). Marianne is spending time in Colorado and June Bug is seriously deprived of love. Time to clean up round two of cat vomit.


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