Relocation, of sorts

After sitting on the idea of wordpress for a month or so, I’ve decided that for the time being I will relocate here. There are several things that are much easier – like posting options for example. And you really can’t beat wordpress templates. I mean, hello! Look at this nice little yellow header number I found. [Does it weird you out that I talk about blog templates like some people talk about clothes?…Me too.]

So to catch this blog up with the one I’m permanently temporarily setting aside leaving, here are the last few posts from over there.

3 February 2010: “Almost Finished”

I started a new quilt this past weekend. I think the colors are a lot better in person, mais c’est la vie. There’s a Super Bowl quilt sale at one of the quilt shops in Giddings this weekend. I plan to stop by both stores because a)I don’t have enough of the browns to finish the sashing, and b)I decided that I need a different border and there was a great batik fabric that I almost bought last weekend, but waited because I knew there was a sale this weekend. I think this might be my new favorite quilt when it’s finished. And it will be big, just the way I like my quilts. Because what’s the point of taking a nap under a quilt if you can’t cover up from head to toe without lying in the fetal position? These are the things I have to think of when I make a quilt.

1 February 2010

There is one moment in my life that I wish I could re-do. Ha, OK, truth be told there are lots of stupid things I wish I had never said or done, but that’s just par for the course in my life. I will always say or do something stupid, and I’m generally ok with that. But there is one thing that comes to mind often that I wish I had done.

When I was working as a receptionist in London a woman came in late for her appointment one early afternoon. She wasn’t even terribly late, maybe 15 minutes or so. The practitioner that she was there to see had a fully booked schedule however, and they had taken the next appointment because the patient was there early. I could tell that it had taken the woman a while to get to the clinic because the complete and total frustration of her trip was written all over her (parking was impossible and the nearest tube station was closed at the time). To make matters worse she had her baby with her (I think the appointment was for him actually) and he was screaming and crying. I remember trying to be as gracious as possible when I told her that the next patient was already being seen and there was a chance that she would have to pay for the appointment because that was company policy (a no-show fee=cost of the appointment). The woman started crying. And I still remember her face, seeing how exhausted she was from a baby with colic who cried all the livelong day. I wanted to hug her. But I didn’t for fear that she would think I was some crazy, psychotic American who didn’t know anything about propriety or manners. I wish I had offered to watch her baby in my office while she went down to the bathroom to get some kleenex or cry or just take a break from the constant screaming.

I think that’s one of the biggest regrets in my life: I saw her need, but I didn’t do anything about it. I could have, quite easily, but I did nothing. I wish I had done something more for her…I don’t know why, but I keep being reminded of that episode and I just keep wishing I had done something different.

“Long time, Nothing New”

It’s amazing to me the number of times I envision something so clearly that it obviously has to be something that comes true. The few times it hasn’t happened I have been so disappointed. I did this with a job recently. I had a fantastic interview and felt like it was a home run, in the bag, a done deal. It’s apparent to me that sometimes I see things I want so clearly that I infer that those are God’s dreams for me too. So it’s hard for me to say that I didn’t get the job – a candidate with IT experience interviewed after me and because of that one factor, she got the job. I keep looking at other job postings and nothing stands out to me the same way. There was a level of autonomy that would have come with the job that I was really looking forward to. But I do still believe that God has a job for me. Whatever my disappointments. I think it will be better than the job I really wanted. Keeping an eternal perspective throughout this is paramount, I think. It’s a time for growth.

And speaking of growth! My quilt collection will soon have a new addition. I started a quilt top on Saturday afternoon and I should be finished with it tomorrow. I’ll post pictures soon-ish. I think I’m headed home this weekend to do a few things in Cypress. My mom has the day off on Friday…and it’s not like I’m really doing anything. However, if, God willing, I have a job interview Thursday or Friday I will probably postpone the trip. I do miss my Bailey though, the little cuddle bug.

25 January 2010: “Love this Song”

I heard this song on the way home from Tacos and Trash night (weekly viewing of the Bachelor. I call it the classiest trash tv out there. What? Stop judging me =]) I couldn’t find a good video to embed, so you’re going to have to look it up on youtube yourself. Dave Matthews “You & Me.” I do love me some good Dave Matthews songs, though there are a lot of them I don’t like too.

And since I know you’ve been dying to know, my hand is healing well. Slowly, but it’s coming along. Today was the first day that it stayed closed all day. No blood or ooze! I consider it a triumph. The swelling has also gone down considerably in the last day or so too. I can almost touch my thumb to my pinkie again! Hurray! One ginormous leap forward for Emily, one completely insignificant, unnoticed step for mankind. But my thumb is still mostly numb; like Colt McCoy’s arm, I just can’t feel it. It’s a strange sensation. My friend Anna, who is a nurse [don’t freak out] is going to take the stitches out for me on Wednesday at bible study. That will be exciting, I’m already feeling squeamish!

Pray for me also. I’m waiting to hear back about a job. They could possibly let me know tomorrow, but it will most likely be Wednesday I think. I keep reminding myself that God is sovereign. His plans are on the eternal scale. He has a job saved for me already – no “Oh shoot! I forgot to watch out for a job for Emily!” moments. That would negate His sovereignty, yes? Sometimes it’s just hard to rest in that knowledge when I can only sense the urgency for a job through my bank account. After rent and bills for February, I have $50 for groceries and any emergencies that may come up. [I just silently screamed in terror at that]. But it will be fine. I do believe that. If I have to move back to Houston, so be it. It’s not ideal, but I like my family and I can live with them while I search for jobs in Houston and/or Austin. I have got to buy the new Windows 7 or something. My trial has finally run out and my computer shuts down every hour. Not so much fun if I’m paying attention. It does make me laugh because a message pops up saying “Aww, snap!” and that’s all I can read before everything closes down and the screen goes black. Makes the annoyance a little less frustrating and a little more humorous.

Also you should listen to “Baby Blue” by DMB. It’s a good one too.


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