Bangs + Beef Stew + Bachelor

There is some thing in me that makes me act rather irrationally. Or maybe it’s not irrational at all. I have a tendency to think about something for a little while and then as soon as I make up my mind, I’m ready have it RIGHT THAT VERY SECOND. Or if I’m deciding on doing something, then I want to be already on my way to doing it. Once I’m decided it’s final, and I rarely go back on it.

Case in point: Last summer before going to Colorado (in the middle of a semester of school. Hi Mom!) I decided that I wanted to buy a camera. I probably spent at least an hour and a half looking online at Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon. I had a general idea of the features I wanted and once I found a camera I liked, I was ready to buy it. Why wait? There were many possible ways to buy this camera, i.e. different sites had different prices and packaging options (w/ or w/o battery, carrying case, etc). I could not wait for it to come in the mail. So before I knew what was happening, I was already standing in the electronics department at Target looking at the dang thing trying to decide if I could wait. Of course I didn’t, and I ended up spending the evening learning the ins and outs of my new camera. I don’t regret this. And I got some pretty fantastic pictures in Colorado!

Another instance: I often decide that I am in need of a haircut. Usually I convince myself that it can wait and maybe I want to grow my hair out fairly long. Occasionally I buy myself some time before going to the salon by coloring my hair. It’s reversible, no big deal. Cutting my hair on the other hand, not so reversible and it takes ages to grow it back. My reluctance to go to the salon has stemmed from some very unfortunate do’s (read: I’ve walked out of at least 3 salons just barely holding the tears back until I get to my car where I start looking at it in the mirror and pulling it to make it grow back faster. Horrible hair cuts are the pits!). I am loathe to visit any new stylists and would much rather drive alll the way back to Cypress to visit Amanda or the other girl whose name I always forget. At any rate, this morning I saw a new tagged picture on facebook. I decided right away that I needed a hair cut. Rather than book an appointment, I cut them myself. That is why I am now sporting bangs again. Sigh. Next time you see me tell you love them and it looks wonderful. It was one of those “What was I thinking?” “What the heck am I doing?” “Didn’t I learn about cutting my own bangs in elementary school when I chopped them off to an uneven 1/2 inch long regrettable instant?” “Maybe I should work on talking things out before I just do them…”


In other new, the Bachelor is back! My quilty pleasure of trash tv. So this afternoon I bought stuff to make beef stew. “Bachelor & beef stew” – I was going for the B’s. Next week we’re watching at a friend’s house. It’s going to be called “Crepes and Crap.” Pictures and recipe for beef stew to follow when my internet decides to co-operate.


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