And again…

My go-to thing when I’m bored is photoshop and blog design. I have updated my blog design, again. This time I created the background myself as well, not just the header. I think it will serve for the time being, or at least until I’m bored again!

I found this in my purse earlier today:

He is actually in my purse. I don’t know if he thought it looked warm or extra comfy, but it was dang cute.

The job search is still on. Last week was actually nice, looking back on it. In the middle of it all though I was so discouraged. So, so discouraged. I am going to start thinking of this period as one of character building. It’s really not fun having to continually put myself out there knowing that I could be rejected by these people simply because they don’t like me on paper. I think applied to 9 jobs last week. I heard back from one immediately saying that they had already found someone and the job posting was old. I didn’t have my heart set on that one anyway. On top of that my sourdough experiment failed and that was really hard for me. I can’t actually think of anything I’ve failed at in the kitchen before. I may try sour dough again. But first I might try to find a different bread recipe – one I can actually make!

We’re interviewing new roommate candidates this afternoon. And really that’s only 2 people. The first one has already come and gone – she gets my vote. The second girl is stopping by later. We shall see which one we select, if either. It’s nice to have the power in this situation – we are going to be ridiculously picky about the type of person we choose as a roommate.

I’m also being picky and saying that I’m eating lunch at Masala Wok tomorrow. I am craving Indian food. That’s all I can actually think about eating right now. That’s all I can think about period. Indian food, Indian food, Indian food. Mmmm!


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