Lewis & Clark and Job Hunting

I have a new pet. His name is Clark. Clark lives in a plastic container, gets fed once a day and turned over at least twice a day. One day soon, this little guy is going to grow up to be something spectacular.

So what? I named my sourdough starter. Stop judging me. =) Lewis was the first starter I attempted. It failed miserably. MIS-RUH-BLEE. But I have high hopes for Clark, this time around my starter is looking exactly like it’s supposed to and I’m taking that as a very good sign that I may indeed have a loaf of sourdough ready to cook on Wednesday and starter enough left over to have bread whenever we want. I’m excited!

In other news, job searching in itself is a full-time job, (read, I spent 9:30-4:45 job searching, revising cv and cover letter). Today I applied to about three different places and spent the rest of the time scouring job listings. The good news is, I found an old colleague from my days at CenterPoint Energy that is willing and excited to be one of my professional references. So that’s something.

I also screwed up the first two cover letters I submitted because I neglected to omit two little words, “editing internship,” when I was applying for something totally different. After much cursing and moaning in despair over things I couldn’t change, I got smart. I created a cover letter template with high lighted fields that need to be changed and suggestions for information to include depending on the job. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.

Tracking down old managers and colleagues has not been fun. At two of the five jobs I listed, the managers and staff no longer work there. I emailed the owner of the clinic I worked at in London to ask if she would mind being one of my references, but she’s out of the office until the 14th. So! I’ve got some more people to track down. Thankfully I bookmarked a few jobs to look at again tomorrow that I will consider submitting my resume to. I would really like to stay in Austin, but I’m not omitting Houston from my job search as a back-up plan.


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