It’s Official!

Two things are, really.

I. I passed all my classes! Woohoo! I’m officially a graduate. This afternoon after Christmas shopping with my dad I will start job searching for real. Pray for me.

II. I know what kind of breed Bailey is! I was watching this show about cats on the Animal Planet channel the other afternoon/evening and they had an Egyptian Mau featured. Bailey is an Egyptian Mau mix! Here are the facts:

1. He has large eyes with the distinctive mascara lines around the inside of his lid. Large gooseberry green eyes to be exact, very particular to the Mau’s.
2. His spots are only on the tip of his fur. If you pet him against the grain, he’s a sandy brown color.
3. I always thought he had a weird saggy belly. Turns out Egyptian Mau’s have that little flap for running! I had no idea. Egyptian Mau’s are the fastest domestic cats and that extra skin allows for greater mobility/agility/speed. So that’s pretty cool.
4. Bailey has the longest tail I’ve ever seen.
5. He is so unbelievably loving and loyal and devoted specifically to me. Which I always thought was because I’m his mama and he appreciated the fact that I took care of him when he was sick. But Mau’s are fiercely loyal to their families.
6. When he’s happy he chortles, or chirps a little chirping noise while wriggling his tail.

I know nobody else probably cares, but since I’m infatuated with this little sweetheart, I’m really happy to find out what breed he is.


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