I just wanted to let you know, that barring any unforeseeable events in the future (did I just make that word up? unforeseeable, seems like it could exist) – like me failing a class – I am a mere 5 pages from being finished with college.

Woohoo! And now for the best 5 pages I have written in the last month. I love working against deadlines, and quite honestly that’s when the creative juices start flowing. After a satisfying dinner and a nice Mason jar full of sweet tea (and Colors of the Wind from Pocahantas just came on Pandora!) I am prepared to write. And there is an ice cold beer standing by for just in cases if I get stuck/reach the end of my motivation/will to write.

Did I mention I was only 5 pages away from freedom? Because if I haven’t mentioned it already, I’m only a mere 5 pages – 1500 words or so – from being FIN.

WHAT.IN.THE.WORLD. When did I get so stinking old?

Also, I have this stupendously long post in the works. There’s something about studying and actually forcing my brain to work that makes me very introspective/willing to look at things. Stay tuned!

Have I told you lately….no just kidding. But 5 FIVE CINQ CINQO pages away!


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