5 plus jours


Five whole days from now, I will be finished. Fini. Can you believe it? I can hardly take it in. But I just keep telling myself, only 5 more days. And tonight I get to watch Bones AND The Office. And then after that, only four more days. I think the countdown part of this is therapeutic. It helps me realize that I will only have to deal with the overhwelming stress for a little while longer. And it is overwhelming. To the point where I think I have emotionally shut down into a self-preservation kind of mode. I remember feeling like this in May.

Stress does this to me. I don’t know how to process it and so therefore I shut off. And I start singing all the songs I remember from childhood. What is that? Seriously. A coping method? I don’t know. This morning I could not stop singing Yankee Doodle Dandy. And yesterday I think it was John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith. Breathe in, breathe out. It’s almost over. And then I’ll miss school and cry, but the stress will be over and I can go back to my normal(ish) self. I already miss school. I was like this last Spring too. I only miss it when it’s gone.


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