Divine Find of Oh-Nine

Let’s take a minute and review all of the wonderful things we’ve discovered in the year 2009…

Ok, great. You have yours?

Here’s mine:

That is love. Plain and simple. Love in the form of a chocolate bar. Some genius took a chocolate bar and married it to a peanut butter cup and the brilliance that came out of it is this. Isn’t it beautiful?

Also, I just talked back to an old man in the grocery store. Not even sassy-like. Just mean. But he was a liar.

I hate liars. Not the liars themselves per se, just their lies.

Maybe I dislike them a little too while the lie is still fresh in my mind.

Story: Roommate went to Randall’s earlier to get some things for lunch. I asked her to get me the little bar of love aforementioned [clue #1] and some chicken salad [Randall’s is stepping up their game! So many good deli-style foods there now]. Anyway, she accidentally forgot the chicken salad. No big deal. On my way home from Manor this afternoon [where I was short with Brookes, clue #2], I decided to swing by Randall’s and get a little thing of chicken salad for lunch tomorrow. I was on the phone in the store, no big deal, and remained on the phone until I got in line.

When I had been standing in line for a few seconds, this man [not old, probably mid-late 60s] came up to me and said “Excuse me, I was standing in that line.”
To which I didn’t say anything. But he was most definitely not standing in that line. He was in the line next to me. Then he stands between the two lines waiting to see which one is moving faster. He ends up picking my line and pushing in in-front of me. Needless to say, I was getting irritated.

But THEN! Low and behold, the other line moves faster. As soon as he sensed me move a hair’s breadth of a fraction of a 1/1000 of a millimeter in that direction, he shot over to the other line and looked back at me absolutely horrified that I would “cut” in front of him in line.

[Insert WTF? face and exasperated sigh.]

The second time he looked at me, I said: “So, are you staying in that line or are you going to jump back in front of me because I’m about to step forward and set my stuff down?” [clue #3] Well, I said everything before the “or.”

Bah. I was so frustrated with him. And his little British accent too.

And then I got in my car, added up the clues, and realized what was going on. It does explain why I’ve been so stinking exhausted lately!

Also, I think I’m going to put my Christmas lights up in the next few days. I was going to be good and wait until after Thanksgiving, but there are already two or three houses on our street that have lights up. Call me that-tacky-neighbor-who-lives-down-the-street-with-their-Christmas-lights-already-up, but I don’t really care. It’s my favorite time of the year! All of the leaves are turning all of my favorite colors and I’m just so inexplicably happy! [with the exception of the incident in the grocery store. And Brookes.]

I re-designed my blog [again] today. I went for the simple, self-designed look and abandoned all of the downloadable templates I’ve used in the past. I just can’t find what I want. There are some cool ones out there, but I have this idea and I can’t find it anywhere. So this will have to do for now.

Happy Autumn!


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