You know what I love?


But Thursdays have always been my favorite days. Recently I found out I was born on a Thursday. It makes sense, I suppose, considering how much I love Thursdays.

So I love Wednesday because it’s Thursday Eve.

Speaking of eve’s! Can we just sit in the disbelief for a minute that Thanksgiving is maybe 2 weeks away?? Christmas is just. around. the corner!

Part of me is in shock. I just…wasn’t it just February?

And part of me is ecstatic! I love Christmas music and movies and decorations, oh my! I can’t wait to watch all the old Hollywood Christmas classics.

My mom and I always make our Christmas-time tamales while listening to the “Merry Christmas, Baby” CD. It’s a tradition we started at least 5 years ago. We’ve been perfecting our recipe ever since and those tamales just get better and better. I live off of Christmas tamales for at least a week, sometimes two: usually lunch and dinner, sometimes breakfast if I’m feeling like it.

So here’s to Wednesdays (Thursday Eve) and Christmas being just around the corner.

And to my pawpaw, CG Burnham, on this Veteran’s Day.


2 thoughts on “L-O-V-E

  1. Lauren says:

    can I have some tamales…I love those things but I've never tired yours! I'll pay you for them. I actually have no idea where I'll be for Xmas… :-/Wasn't it just 2007?

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