Hah, so much for a month’s worth of posts!

As it turns out, there is such a thing as “prayer hair” and “sleep face.” Things I wasn’t aware of until I was told I had them.

The Blockbuster in my neighborhood is going out of business. All of their movies are on sale for $8.99. Their box sets (think TV shows) are only $17.99. I should have bought LOST or one of the other shows I was looking at, but I didn’t. Instead I bought Penelope, Casino Royale (only $5.99), and Elizabethtown (also $5.99). I thought it was a pretty good deal myself!

Lately I’ve been wanting to read a good book and watch a good movie. And I mean something light-hearted, or just up-lifting. The books I’ve had to read for class lately have been completely insane. Literally, all about socio-paths and their crazy ways. Made for some strange dreams, let me tell you. The last few movies we’ve rented too haven’t been too great. They were either cheesy or stupid or a little bit dark.

And as it turns out, I think I talk in my sleep every night for most of the night. Roommate has said that anytime she wakes up in the middle of the night there’s more than a 50% chance I’m talking in my sleep. I’ve been concerned about the things I’ll say because my dreams have been really peculiar!


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  1. Michaela says:

    1) Woo hoo Penelope! 2)I know what you mean about reading crazyness. My last few semesters I had to read stuff that I hated. I was able to read a few good books in between the bad. Seriously you should read that Love Comes Softly series. They are a quick read and very uplifting and addicting.3) I'm reading Redeeming Love right now, I can't put it down. 4) You do talk in your sleep. And sometimes you say mean things. I can't wait for you to get married, maybe your future husband talks in his sleep too and you can have conversations!

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