Did you know?

It’s National Blog Posting Month.

Which means…well, nothing, unless you give it meaning. Which I will do.

You’re about to get a month full of posts from me. Not at all once, of course. I wouldn’t do that to you. I know you’re all already stocked up on crazy and not interested in me selling you some more. But crazy is as crazy does and I does crazy well. (That was not a grammatical typo) 😉

First things first. I had my first run in with chiggers. Nearly drove me to insanity one night. But instead, I attempted to break my toe on the bathroom door around 4 in the morning one night. I wish bruises photographed better. This one was a doozy. My toe is currently in the end stages of bruising; a nice brown color.

And then there was Halloween! Lots of fun. I wish we had spent more time coming up with costume ideas and working on the costumes we decided on. But it was still fun, not as funny as last year. But it’s hard to get perfection two years in a row. We were Hannah Montana (Marianne) and Miley Cyrus (me). As it turns out, people actually don’t like them. It’s funny because I thought America was obsessed, but the feeling seems to lean towards the opposite actually. Go figure.

Hannah Montana and Miley tried to teach people how to do the Hoedown Throwdown. Not as easy as it looks. We had actually rented the movie the night before when we were in Houston and tried to learn the dance. Super funny trying to learn it. My mom helped, but mostly she just laughed at us. Actually, that trip home was a really good one. I love my parents. I love that other people love my parents and suggest that we visit them more regularly – like every other weekend. I concur. I would be willing to take people down to Cypress with me every other weekend. People need to experience the love and joy that is Casa de Burnham. Or Maison de Burnham, if you prefer the French comme moi 😉
I mentioned the Galveston Service Trip we’ll be going on with a few people from my Sunday school class in a few weeks. My mom jumped on my idea of stopping for dinner either Friday or Sunday. I hope people are down for it. My mom is already thinking about menu ideas. At the very least, my car will be stopping. So…choose your car wisely friends.


3 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. Ryan Renfrow says:

    I'm going to be honest, this picture is kind of a letdown. Not that I was hoping you'd have a horrible injury, I just know how much it hurts to stub your toe. I am not a fan!

  2. Emily says:

    The picture doesn't do it justice. I knew it was going to be a let down. I seriously took 15 pictures just trying to get a decent one. It was much more colorful in real life.

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