Double no-no’s


Just “hm.” That’s how I feel right now; just waiting to see how things turn out.


Friends, I do not do drama. Ever. And I shy away from confrontation like it’s the horrible, more dastardly wickedish step-sister of the black plague. You dig? We do not go well together.

But today there have been both things: two no-no’s in my world, if you will. I’m still feeling the adrenaline and stress that are collecting in my shoulders and neck. I love that God loves the wayward ones. He not only loves them, he would leave the ninety-nine to go after the one. I should know, I’ve been that “one” before.

The highlight in this situation is that God answers prayers. And He answers them quickly. You ask for a way, and he will show you. Like a divine “aha! That’s what I need to do” lightbulb moment. It won’t be easier than doing nothing. BUT our weakness allows God’s strength to be exercised in a way that is downright near impossible when we’re standing in the way. That’s what I’m counting on, because I plan on getting out of the way.


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